Blueberry Honey Muffins

Posted on February 16, 2014 by OvenBird

When the original gravity (OG) (relative density compared to water) of yesterday’s chocoloate coffee stout read only 1.044, we dissolved all the sugar in the house into the wort, which raised the OG to a more acceptable level of 1.055. Thus today when I decided to make blueberry muffins, I found we had no sugar. If not in Bavaria, I’d probably have gone to der Supermarkt to buy Zucker. But since every store except those in the Hauptbahnhof is closed, I opted for the more mellifluous harmony of honey and applesauce.



Temperature: 190° C

Bake Time: ~21 minutes

Music: Korobeiniki (aka The Tetris Song)

Their tops cracked nicely, exposing blueberries within. The blueberry-to-dough ratio is very high, almost 1:1, and although the dough is not particularly sweet, the copious blueberries are. My only beef with these muffins is that their tops turned out a touch too brown. I’ve eaten two muffins while writing this post. Yum.